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Army 1157 kit

Spec-Ops Baseball Cap - BTP

Spec-Ops Baseball Cap - BTP

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Stay cool and camouflaged on any Spec-Ops mission with the versatile BTP Baseball Cap, featuring Velcro panels for identification patches and mesh ventilated sides.

As I prepared for my next camping trip, I wanted a reliable baseball cap that could keep up with all the rough and rugged outdoor activities. That's when I stumbled upon the Spec-Ops Baseball Cap in BTP. Its durable fabric and Velcro panels made it easy to attach identification patches, ensuring my gear wouldn't get lost out on the trail. But what really sold me were the mesh ventilated sides – no more sweaty hair or uncomfortable heat stroke! With this hat, I was able to focus on enjoying my adventure instead of worrying about staying cool and organized

  • The SpecOps Baseball Cap is made from BTP material, providing excellent camouflage in outdoor environments
  • Velcro panels on the cap allow for easy customization with identification patches or other accessories
  • Mesh ventilated sides keep your head cool and comfortable during extended wear
  • With its durable construction and versatile design, this cap is ideal for both tactical use and everyday wear

Spec-Ops Baseball Cap - BTP


• Velcro panels for identification patches
• Mesh Ventilated Sides
• Polycotton Ripstop Construction
• One Size Fits All

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