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Experience the ultimate convenience of camping meals with Heat2Eat Self-Steamers - the flameless food heating system that lets you savour deliciousness anytime, anywhere. And guess what? UK shipping is on us!

Introducing Heat2Eat Self-Steamers - the ultimate solution to your cooking worries during camping trips or outdoor adventures. These self-steaming containers come equipped with a flameless food heating system that allows you to enjoy hot meals on-the-go without any hassle of starting a fire. Just add water and watch these containers steam up in minutes, giving you perfectly-cooked, piping hot dishes wherever and whenever you want! With UK shipping included in every purchase of Heat2Eat Self-Steamers, there's no excuse for not adding this innovative product to your camping gear today

  • Heat2Eat SelfSteamers offer a hasslefree camping meal solution with their flameless food heating system
  • With Heat2Eat's selfsteaming technology, you can enjoy hot and delicious meals on the go without the need for a stove or fire
  • Say goodbye to bulky cooking equipment and hello to convenient, spacesaving packaging that makes packing for your next adventure a breeze
  • Plus, with UK shipping included in every purchase, you can enjoy the benefits of Heat2Eat SelfSteamers from anywhere in the country without any added costs


Heat2Eat Self-Steamer is a brand of H2E World Ltd. There a small family-run business, formed in 2019, when we made a trip to China and found the amazing steamer that became Heat2Eat Self-Steamer.

We have put a lot of work and thought into this product, and believe that you will enjoy many camping/trekking etc trips with our reliable ‘magic’ Self-Steamer. We are very excited to share this product with you and our aim is to constantly improve our products with the best customer service at heart!

  • SELF-CONTAINED flameless food heating system. No fire, no electricity, no pans or plates required
  • SAFE TO USE INDOORS OR OUT. Heats using steam to preserve flavours. Steaming hot in 15-20 minutes. Heat provided by HeatStones, just add water.
  • SINGLE USE version comes complete with a foil heat tray that acts as both a pan and a plate
  • HEAT camping meals, ready meals, tinned goods, fish & vegetables, part cooked rice & noodles etc
  • USE FOR Camping, DofE, Travel, Festivals, Emergencies, Blackouts and Road Trips

* * * * UK SHIPPING INCLUDED * * * *

Flameless Ration Heat2Eat Self-Steamer with divider – Red (medium) with 2 HeatStones

This semi-reusable Self-Steamer comes with a divided heating tray (500g and 300g) and TWO 100g flameless HeatStones and is ideal for meals with separate components like curry & rice or savoury & sweet.

Requiring approximately 200ml of water (there is a waterline inside the container), poured over the HeatStone. The HEAT2EAT self-steamer is specially engineered to circulate steam throughout the food ensuring no cold spots. You can have a hot meal ready in 20-30 minutes!

The Self-Steamer  is not recommended for more than 5 times use and the  HeatStones will need to be replaced after every use. Replacement HeatStones are available for purchasing on our website.

The plastic parts are 100% recyclable and the HeatStone is accepted in the general landfill waste.

Please note that this product is a Self-Steamer and not a cooker, therefore it can only reheat precooked meals (shop-bought ready meals, leftovers), partially cooked meals and food that you can usually steam from raw, like vegetables and fish.

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