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Fleece Tactical Jacket Green

Fleece Tactical Jacket Green

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Conquer the great outdoors in comfort and style with our Fleece Tactical Jacket - your ultimate companion for any sports adventure.

As the chilled wind swept through the valley, I couldn't help but acknowledge my luck for purchasing the Fleece Tactical Jacket Green. It was a smart decision to choose this jacket as it delivered on its promise of both warmth and comfort during my outdoor sports activities. The fleece material kept me cozy, while the tactical design provided ample pocket space for all my essentials. Be it hiking or camping, this jacket has quickly become an indispensable part of my outdoor gear collection

  • The fleece material provides warmth and comfort during outdoor activities, while the tactical design offers versatility for various sports
  • The tactical features of this jacket make it an ideal choice for those who require functionality and practicality in their outerwear
  • Whether you're hiking through rugged terrain or engaging in intense physical activity, this fleece tactical jacket will keep you comfortable and protected from the elements

Fleece Tactical Jacket


• Double panelled recon hood

• 2 x zipped arm pockets

• 2 x zipped mesh lined waist pockets

• 2 x Velcro ID panels on arms

• Tactical thumb holes in cuffs

• Made from 400g heavy weight thermal fleece

Material. Polyester + Cotton

Features. False pockets, windproof, warm, hooded, camouflage, breathable...

Designed for outdoor, sports, hiking, hunting, climbing, fishing, cycling, adventure travel, leisure wear

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