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We are proud to introduce our range of Heat2Eat Self-Steamers making your life on the go a lot easier!

Our semi-reusable Self-Steamers are  recyclable plastic, lightweight containers with a heating tray. The heating component is a Heatstone that absorbs water to ensure a steaming hot meal within 20-30 minutes depending on the cooked stage of the food.  It comes with two HeatStones, and  you can buy packs of HeatStones for multiple uses separate.  The HeatStones are also known as flameless ration meal heaters. We  recommend that you replace your Self-Steamer after 5 + uses.

The container and heat tray are specially engineered to use the production of steam from the HeatStone to circulate the food, thus ensure no hot or cold spots but piping hot throughout.

No more carrying bulky equipment with you and struggling to get a fire going.


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